eMule 0.49c Tombstone v2.0

虽然eMule官方版0.50a即将正式发布,不过eMule官方论坛的modder并没有停下自己的开发进度,4月2日,tHeWiZaRdOfDoS 发布了eMule 0.49c Tombstone v2.0,官方论坛发布贴:http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=149113 emule tombstone

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eMule.v0.49c-Tombstone.v2.0.7z 查源 1.76MB
源代码对比包(给开发人员) (注意仅包含与v0.49c版本的不同对比 –  非完整源代码!)
eMule.v0.49c-Tombstone.v2.0_DiFF_SRC.7z 查源 523.29KB
eMule.v0.49c-Tombstone.v2.0_SRC.7z 查源 2.39MB
[?]: [?]:, 4.66MB


Changelog FiNaL:
Compiled with the latest lib sources (from v0.50) and Win7 SDK
Added some sample code for necessary >v0.50 changes

Changelog Beta15:
Eased the restrictions for clients to be considered “empty” to reduce memory usage

Changelog Beta14:
Separate function for modfaker checks (and cleaning which was missing up to now)

Changelog Beta13:
Additional cleanup and polishing

Changelog Beta12:
Some cleanup and fixes
Remaining up is now updated if you (de-)assign a friendslot which should also fix “neverending” upload slots for friends
Added additional security checks for source exchange and AICH requests

Changelog Beta11:
Due to a fix I made, you could not send messages to friends that were not already connected
Added additional modthief checks (parts taken from Xtreme DLP by zz_fly)

Changelog Beta10:
Removed option to en-/disable secure identification – this should always be used and I never understood why that option is there at all!
Added new temporary CA data list to ensure that we attach the CA data to the correct client
Fixed too high fast reask counter
Cleaned up the code a bit

Changelog Beta9:
Added various small fixes (Proper log colours, Don’t answer OP_HELLO of banned clients, and others…)
Added ECR stat fixes by Stulle

Changelog Beta8:
Added “Enhanced Client Recognition” (Spike2) and adapted CA source to use the clients’ reasktimes instead of the default one
ReaskTime of clients is now adjusted to the clients’ reasktimes

Changelog Beta7:
Added even more optimizations, also cleaned up the CA code a bit and further implemented the UL/DL session stuff
Added an additional check/fix against possible file fakers (which also prevents that we add sources to the deadsource list of a wrong file)

Changelog Beta6:
Added a workaround for the official “bug” around “IsSourceRequestAllowed”
Added some fixes that are necessary for the modstring feature to work correctly
Added some fixes (Stulles WebServer FiX, SetStyle FiX for searchlistctrl, Friends FiX)
Added “no needed requeue” [SlugFiller]
Added bad ul/dl session handling as discussed on eMF:
* 3 CONSECUTIVE failed ul sessions will result in us allowing uploads ONLY if we are already connected
* 3..5 CONSECUTIVE failed dl sessions will result in a score reduce of 1 chunk per dl session
* 6 CONSECUTIVE failed dl sessions will result in a (2-way!) BAN

Changelog Beta5:
Fixed missing ModFaker entry in stats [reported by SS1900]
Fixed exception in ProcessSourceRequest [reported by jerryBG]
Move some CA functions to CA member functions, also cleaned up some codeparts

Changelog Beta4:
Fixed a possible bug in new ProcessSourceRequest function, also cleaned it up
Modthieves won’t get the Tombstone icon, now [requested by jerryBG]

Changelog Beta3:
We don’t ask servers for their serverlist if we do not actually need it (WiZaRd)
Added a basic workaround for the following issue: there are some clients out there that punish nickchanges and a
CA client might run into trouble during chat sessions (that is: getting banned/punished due to the antinickthief feature) [reported by jerryBG]

Changelog Beta2:
Clientanalyzer now includes “ModFaker” detection (zz_fly – thanks to taz for the diff and the suggestion)
“Misc GPLEvilDoer” checks are now included to punish the AJ default nick/mod users (WiZaRd)

Changelog Beta1:
Tombstone is now based upon eMule v0.49c including all important updates/fixes that version offers
This version includes the ClientAnalyzer 1.5, VQB fullchunk system and modstring support ONLY – NOTHING MORE!
That’s the perfect version to check out or to base your mod upon if you want to use the CA.


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