eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2

MorphXT的最新稳定版本信息见:eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.7

MorphXT v11.2是eMule更新为0.49c之后的第一个更新的eMule Mod。

eMule(电骡)是一款著名的p2p 软件,前身是电驴eDonkey2000(或者严格地说最初是基于电驴eDonkey2000协议而写的),02年5月发布。eMule的开源使得它拥有 大量的衍生修改版Mod,像 Xtreme、Neomule、MorphXT、VeryCD/EasyMule(EasyMule脸皮奇厚,居然自称其祖宗“电驴”,请大家勿受其扰, 那个org.cn也并不是eMule的官方网站)、中国驴等。

MorphXT是一款03年1月23日就开始开发了的最“古老”的eMule Mod之一,现由德国程序员Stulle维护。这款eMule Mod用户众多,在2008年6月时下载超过了1000万。

MorphXT 是上传者的福音,能够强力并智能控制上传,智能的目录管理和A4AF(文件请求)也完善了其下载。同时它也融合了西班牙的Espana、台湾的 EastShare等Mod的功能。最好的反吸血eMuleMod之一——MagicAngel就是基于MorphXT的。稍有些遗憾的是MorphXT 本身虽然有反吸血,但没有融入Xtreme的强大的DLP动态反吸血功能,如果您不喜欢被Vagaa、Xunlei吸血的话,请等待Xtreme和 MagicAngel的更新。

整合好了动态、静态服务器名单、ipfilter、ip-to-country等的eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2下载:
整合版MorphXT v11.2下载


以下是eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2的更新内容(英文):

Changelog for eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2

Merged to 0.49c [Stulle]
ADD: Autojoin to #emule-morph in IRC [Stulle]
ADD: Service description (Service needs to be reinstalled) [Stulle]
ADD: High definition vista icon [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Windows Media Format 9 SDK for MS VS2003 build [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Windows Media Format 11 SDK for MS VS2005 build [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Speach SDK for all builds [Stulle]
ADD: Purge known.met settings (not at all, partially/ official, completely/ old Morph) [Stulle]
Add: Option to remove AICH hashes immediatly [Stulle]
ADD: Update Downloaded History List automatically to reflect changes in Shared Files List [Stulle]
ADD: Delete files on hitting the del key in Downloaded History List [Stulle]
ADD: Copy Ed2k links into clipboard using Ctrl+C in Downloaded History List [Stulle]
ADD: Sort for “calculated CRC32” column in Shared Files List [Stulle]
ADD: Progress Hash [O2]
ADD: IP Filter White list [Stulle]
ADD: New default IPFilter (Maintained by Ozzy) [Stulle]
+ uses DynDNS to check version, mirrored at SourceForge, unrar.dll required!
ADD: RAR File download decompress for auto update [official]
ADD: New hidden options to Advanced Options and Tooltips for new options [Stulle]
ADD: Rebind UPnP mappings (UDP, TCP and Webserver for now) like the official does [Stulle]
ADD: Turkish translation (partially) [omeringen]
CHANGE: Display NNS in UploadListCtrl [Diabolo111]
CHANGE: Cleaned up Static IP Filter code [Stulle]
+ only ipfilter.dat layout allowed!
CHANGE: Switch category column and download started column (group cat related) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Keep old default sorting behaviour for DownloadList (only names ascending) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Default Fakes link to http://emulepawcio.sourceforge.net/fakes.zip [Stulle/Rick164]
CHANGE: Default purge time for known.met is set to 31 days like in official instead of old 150 days [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rewrite of Downloaded History List according to new List code layout from official [Stulle]
CHANGE: Accept more file names for contents of downloaded ipfilter archives [official]
CHANGE: Send ICS info even if the file is not extremely rare (as pointed out by WiZaRd) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Made ICS mode local variable to save some bytes in RAM usage (as pointed out by WiZaRd) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Updated Show less controls for new columns and added it for context menus [Stulle]
CHANGE: Enabling Extended controls disables Show less controls and vice versa [Stulle]
+ close preferences window to avoid odd behaviour… kinda tricky…
CHANGE: Switched on Global Hard Limit by default (upgrade unaffected) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Only display category selection dialog if there is more than one category [Stulle]
CHANGE: Enlarged IRC settings tree control and dir tree control in Directories preferences panel [Stulle]
CHANGE: Use ‘1’ as default min linear priority to reserve ‘0’ for small files [JackieKu]
FIX: Corrupted userhash ban [taz]
FIX: Double increase for badrequests [taz]
FIX: Incorrect and redundent operation for Double backup [AndCycle]
FIX: Display FairPlay in lists only if requested file is complete [gomez82]
FIX: Improper localization of altered category column in DownloadList [Stulle]
FIX: Failing support of emulepawcio ipfilter.zip format [D10Tmain]
FIX: Memleak fix around hashing [WiZaRd]
FIX: Download ACK measurement was incorrect (when download was limited) [Stulle]
FIX: Download ACK was not displayed and counted in stats as overhead [Stulle]
FIX: Improper Friend Logging for FunnyNick affected friend clients [Stulle]
FIX: Network mapped drives could not be selected [JackieKu]
FIX: Shared files were sometimes unneccessarily reloaded due to shareSubdir [JackieKu]
FIX: Some improper localization in Morph preferences window [Stulle]
REMOVED: Adunanza ban [Stulle]

Note: Additional options stored in Known.met will be purged like some official stuff is.
Note: Due to change in column orders we recommend a clean install. You may experience strange looks otherwise.
Note: Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK for MS VS2005 build has already been added in an earlier version.
Note: See How-To-Compile_VS05.txt in source package for guide on how to get the sources to compile.
Note: New IPFilter will only be set when resetting the url or making a clean install.
Note: Following languages updated: German [Morella/Myth88/Stulle]; French [Nicolas_FR]; Spanish [guijarrelson];
Portuguese (Brazil) [Heiler]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]; Chinese (Taiwan) [JackieKu]; Italian

IP Filter White List:
+ IPs on this list will not be banned
+ use ipfilter_white.dat to add IPs to the White List