eMule 0.50a SharkX v2.0

eMule SharkX Mod

eMule SharkX Mod

基于 eMule 0.50a 和 eMuleFuture v1.1 的“大鲨鱼电骡” eMule 0.50a SharkX 2.0 终于由维护者,意大利程序员taz-me发布了。

eMule SharkX官方主页:


SharkX 2.0 -Binary- @ eMuleFuture.de
SharkX 2.0 -Source- @ eMuleFuture.de



It’s about time for SharkX to return, however it’s not close to it’s previous versions.
From now on SharkX won’t be a vanilla mod (I’m not that skilled, nor “my statement” is that different from all existing mods), it’s based on eMuleFuture and it’s likely future SharkX versions will continue that path.

Last words before change log and links :

1. Leechers detection and treatment : since there’s no official dictation about right and wrong regarding mod name or nicks – there’s no real harm done by mod/nick fakers/thieves or ghost as such. As such those are just trying to take advantage of unfair benefits given by some mods (which should be punished for giving such advantages). It’s likely that such mods are doing other stuff that is harming ed2k – for that they should be punished, so being just a mod/nick fakers/thieves makes one suspicious. Suspected and leechers mods do not enjoy PowerShare with SharkX and since from time to time they tend to introduce themselves as “new” (by changing modstr) they are treated upon such changes as starting a new session (loose waiting time). Friends are not treated as leechres or suspected.
2. Anyone downloading from us (really – not just being in upload list “dying” since we stopped sharing the file he was downloading) won’t be able to get into queue before releasing the slot. If he “wishes” to release the slot (by asking for another file – and it’s not really about our upload files priorities, even more true if we support “a separate queue” for each file) – … well he won’t be stopped
3. Due to main toolbar changes (mainly IRC removed) : clean install is recommended, or at least remove of the line containing ToolbarSetting from preferences.ini before using SharkX v2.0 for the 1’st time.


SharkX v2.0 Based on eMuleFuture v1.1 [0.50a]

remove IRC
remove scheduler
remove webserver
remove peer cache & URL client [netfinity/taz]
remove EMF Toolbar
add official toolbar (no skins only bitmaps)
remove WebBrowser
change sorting upload slots logic [taz] – ReSortUploadSlots is called only upon file priority (and or PS) change
add Mod home – open forum based on selected mod language
add check user hash [DLP]
add 80% score for non SI clients [Xman]
remove score punish for Nick/Mod thieves & Mod fakers [taz]
add zero wait time each new identification for Mod thief/faker [taz] – “new” session
add no PowerShare for leechers [taz]
change PowerShare selection on SharedFilesCtrl – back to previous style
change CA not clearing bad DL counter on count <12k download sessions as failed (Xman's idea) - too easy for leechers to go clean [taz] add FakeAnalyzer [netfinity] add One-queue-per-file [Maella (idea bloodymad)] change from client datarate selection to number of slots [taz] add Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2] add Version Check [Stulle/taz] + splahed version [taz] replace country name to Remote Queue Status [Yun.SF3/IceCream] on upload list change 1'st time wizard : most values are now loaded from preferences [taz] add Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries [Stulle] add protect static servers [Mighty Knife] add Nice Hash [CB/WiZaRd] add Don't allow file hot swapping [taz/Xman/idea Maella] : it's not about our file UL priorities, rather on client position in queue add mask out main toolbar buttons in preferences due to IRC removal fix remove duplicate deletes for ICS & AntiHideOS [Gear] fix storing AutoHL options selection


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    remove IRC?
    remove webserver?

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  4. #4 DargonD
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    @直面真相 它是CA反吸血系統(Client Analyzer),非DLP反吸血系統,另check user hash[DLP]這是檢測community/corrupt/bad userhash的部分

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    鯊…譲我想起另外一個海洋生物 Razorback…

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    迅雷老下不上传,到最后就会排在上传队列的最末 另外迅雷的疯狂快速获取 次数达到一定时 也会被ban

    最后 一些知名的吸血驴 直接被ban,无需检测 例如applejuice 。。。