eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0 (基于MorphXT)

意大利程序员taz最近对自己开发的两款mod,“大鲨鱼电骡”SharkX和AcKroNiC进行了重大调整,作为一款二次mod,过去的“大鲨鱼电骡”eMule SharkX是基于eMule AcKroNiC开发的,但是在最近一个测试版中却改为了基于eMuleFuture开发;AcKroNiC则本来直接基于eMule官方原版开发,并在其基础上形成了一个eMule mod的小门派AcKroNiC系列mod。而这一次,AcKroNiC却采用了著名的“忍者骡”eMule MorphXT作为基础进行开发,成为了eMule MorphXT大家庭的一员。作为一个门派的掌门人自己皈依了另一门派,这种情况实属罕见。

eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0
AcKroNiC 6.0,taz 始终在折腾 🙂

eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0 官方发布贴:http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=151602
eMule AcKroNiC官方网站地址:http://www.ackronic.net/


The time for new AcKroNiC finally arrived

Before I took the job of reviving AcKroNiC, it was based on official eMule – however vast majority of features and changes (besides mostly Italian Pride) were taken from MorphXT.
At the time, I took the wrong turn and continued AcKroNiC as a vanilla mod (based on official) with some of MorphXT (and derived) stuff replaced with same functionality from other mods. The result was pretty stable, however it produced very problematic code to maintain without any real good reason.
It’s better to admit being wrong, then continue on a wrong path …

– so AcKroNiC is joining MorphXT family and our new version (6.0) is based on MorphXT v12.5.

Final words before change log and download links :

MorphXT got it’s own leecher detection & treatment mechanism called Morph Leecher Feature – anyone preferring this can use AcKroNiC-MLF.
Regular (default) BIN is using Client Analyzer (CA) for leecher detection & treatment as AcKroNiC versions from the time I revived it.


值得注意的是eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0有两个版本,一个是AcKroNiC-MLF,沿用了MorphXT的吸血检测系统;一个是AcKroNiC,沿用了过去AcKroNiC自身的CA吸血检测系统。下载时请注意!

eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC-MLF 6.0 @AcKroNiC.net
eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0 @AcKroNiC.net
eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0源代码 @ AcKroNiC.net

eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0
帮助 | eMule官方 | eMule Fans 电骡爱好者 | eMule-Mods.de | 插件主页
eMule0.50a-AcKroNiC_v6.0-BIN.rar 查源 4.5MB
eMule0.50a-AcKroNiC_v6.0-SRC.7z 查源 5.75MB
eMule0.50a-AcKroNiC-MLF_6.0-BIN.rar 查源 4.49MB
[?]: [?]:, 14.74MB


AcKroNiC v6.0 Based on MorphXT v12.5

ADD regional connection wizard [Mulo Da Soma/taz] : localization
ADD more mods icons [taz] : Icons taken from ModIconDLL
ADD ASF – AcKroNiC Servers Filter [taz/Mulo da Soma/EneTec/Spike2]
ADD AcK filters [Aenarion/Xanatos] : family and trash filters
ADD Low-id notifier [chamblard]
ADD Completed in Tray [Stulle]
ADD More info about corrupted .met/.part file [Aenarion]
ADD Open Incoming from tray [taz]
ADD CA [WiZaRd] + adjustments (compilation related, funny nick, adjust CAntiLeechData::Check4ModThief to -modname-, etc.) [taz]
ADD Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2]
ADD Inform Clients after IP change [Stulle]
ADD PowerShare stats [taz/pP] : collector code rearranged (mainly shift from Prefs to Stats), stats rewritten
ADD Emulate other [???/WiZaRd/Torni/Spike2]
ADD Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2] + stats [Stulle]
ADD Nice Hash [Xman]
ADD Quick start [TPT]
ADD minRQR [WiZaRd]
ADD Don’t remove dead servers on 0 retries [???]
ADD drop sources [Stulle]
ADD don’t drop complete sources [taz] : simplified version due to the ghange, of show # of dropped sources
ADJUST credits thread
CHANGE 1’st time wizard [taz] : most values are now loaded from preferences
CHANGE ICS enabled for preview as well [taz]
CHANGE NewDefaultNick [WiZaRd] : follow mod name
CHANGE regional connection wizard : use Israel for he_IL locale & Italy for all other
CHANGE mandatory : transfer full chunks, SUI, protect (don’t remove) static servers
CHANGE disable queue size setting when InfiniteQueue [WiZaRd/SLUGFILLER] : infinitequeue option moved from Morph optins to extended
CHANGE selectable compilation (AcK/Is_CA.h) CA/Morph anti leecher [taz]
CHANGE New Version Check : adjust check logic (ntohl) + links/notes to AcK
CHANGE default active log pane to log (from server message)
CHANGE splash to follow previous AcKroNiC style
CHANGE Quick start [taz] : non stored back values (using connection setting)
CHANGE show # of dropped sources : shift m_ShowDroppedSrc to CDownloadQueue::RemoveSourceAndDontAsk
FIX store obfuscated server connection on 1’st time wizard [taz] : value never stored
FIX ICS preview priority [taz] : piority values were reversed
FIX (???) fully utilize upload bandwidth on empty queue [taz] : was blocked on max (per class) client datarate
FIX CServerWnd::ReattachAnchors Repaint Splitter – ReattachAnchors [moloko+]
FIX CUPnP_IGDControlPoint : don’t rely in module pointer which is “0”ed on constructor [taz]
FIX show # of dropped sources : count only dropped
REMOVE ipfilter servers [leuk_he] : treated via ASF
REPLACE “skin” to AcKroNiC


  1. #1 aoke1989
    2010年12月14日 周二 15:29 | 回复


  2. #2 passerby
    2010年12月14日 周二 19:53 | 回复

    @aoke1989 它上面出现敏感言论了?

  3. #3 w
    2010年12月14日 周二 21:42 | 回复

    @passerby 没有,就几个电报的打包而已。还没说电报里有什么,那么多电报不说谁知道有什么 😳

  4. #4 w
    2010年12月14日 周二 21:43 | 回复


  5. #5 w
    2010年12月14日 周二 21:48 | 回复

    Client Analyzer (CA) 封不封迅雷?我记得以前好像封的,谁试过了?

  6. #6 DargonD
    2010年12月15日 周三 13:19 | 回复

    @w 迅雷多以FileFaker、ModFaker(與DLP的Modstring Thief相似,名稱不同)、FaskAsks被檢測到

  7. 2010年12月16日 周四 05:40 | 回复

    morph4u 的 R 投给了 CA,而 taz 则投诚 XT……

  8. 2010年12月16日 周四 05:47 | 回复

    morph4u 的 R 投入了 CA,而 taz 则投诚 XT……




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