eMule 0.49c Beba V2.50

eMule(电骡)来自一种叫做“骡子”的动物,提醒你一下,就是那种有点像驴的家伙。;)eMule并不是有规律的更新和升级的,一般是一周到三周一次,但是不总是这样。:)Emule 0.49c Beba V2.50就是基于官方最新版eMule(电骡)的一个修改版。技术或电骡狂可以看看。


– merged: eMule 0.49c

– added: Payback First [WiZaRd]

– improved: added even more file types [Tuxman]
– improved: added hidden TxtEditor setting [Tuxman]
– improved: beba’s first start information is now displayed separately [Tuxman]
– improved: better randomizer on creating first user hash [bscabral]
– improved: clear message field when closing a chat tab [Tuxman]
– improved: major overhaul of beba’s Drop Buttons code [Tuxman, thx to WiZaRd]
* fixes a strange display bug
– improved: merged add/remove friend menu entries into a single one [Tuxman]
– improved: Modeless Dialogs used in more dialogs now 🙂 [SLUGFILLER/Xanatos]
– improved: readded “clear ban list” to queue context menu [Tuxman]
– improved: removed hover tracking in TransferWnd.cpp [SLUGFILLER]
– improved: removed server advertisements [CiccioBastardo]
– improved: some internal SlotFocus code improvements [Tuxman]

– fix (o): AddFileLinkToDownload checks if the file is actually known [Avi3k]
– fix (o): double-click behaviour in SearchListCtrl [WiZaRd]
– fix (b): full chunk transfer should work right now [Tuxman]
– fix (o): perform inverse sorting in queue list [moloko+]
– fix (o): possible crash (minor issue) in SharedFilesWnd.cpp [WiZaRd]
– fix (b): small Client Analyzer display fixes [Tuxman]
– fix (b): some Vista-related stuff [Tuxman]
– fix (o): splitter positioning in server wnd [moloko+]
– fix (o): StringLimit now returns the correct value [Avi3k]
– fix (o): use a pointer list when setting a server’s priority [moloko+]
– fix (b): WebService menu had a weird structure [Tuxman]

– changed: beba now has eMule’s default application icon (yet) [Tuxman]
* been too lazy to paste the old one, cough ..
– changed: FDC has a better indicator icon [Tuxman]
– changed: several default preferences [Tuxman]

– removed: removed some tweaks due to the codebase upgrade [Tuxman]
– removed: Tooltip delay option [Tuxman]
* always 1 second now 🙂

– updated: updated miniupnpc library to v1.2 [Thomas Bernard]