eD2k Link Selector WordPress Plugin v2.0.0

eD2k Link Selector WordPress plugin can convert [ed2k][/ed2k], [emule][/emule] shortcode tags that contain eD2k (eMule) links or other text to a nice table with some filters that help to select links. It’s fully available in English, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

You can download eMule from eMule official site or emule-mods.de, or use other clients like aMule. WordPress, eMule and my plugin here are all open source and under GPL license (the license basically means the derivative code must be open source as well). We support open source forever!

If you read Chinese, you may find Chinese introductions about eD2k Link Selector plugin and a eMule/eDonkey softwares’ list from eMuleFans.com. VeryCD and its easyMule are closed-source, fake eMules, don’t use them. 如果您阅读中文,请至eD2k Link Selector插件发布页(中文)查看中文的用法、功能的介绍与讨论、插件效果演示。

eD2k Link Selector WordPress Plugin v2.0.0 download

v2.0.0 is released in Nov 2019. However, some problems has been found since then, which I’ll fix.

Basic Usage

Decompress the package. Upload ed2k-link-selector folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

Then use [ed2k][/ed2k] or [emule][/emule] tag in your posts like this:


It renders as:

In English (it’s an image):
Basic selector table
In Chinese (live demo):

帮助 | eMule官方 | eMule Fans 电骡爱好者 | eMule-Mods.de | 插件主页
eMule0.50a-Installer.exe 查源 3.23MB
emule0.49c-Xtreme7.2.7z 查源 6.79MB
Firefox_15.0_win32_en-US.exe 查源 16.97MB
[?]: [?]:, 26.99MB

(The plugin is fully translated into English, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

A “eD2k” button in your “HTML” and a button with a mule icon in the “Visual” editor may help you insert such tags (this is classic editor and Gutenberg block editor (WordPress 5.0’s default editor) is not supported yet):

Buttons for HTML (Quicktags) and TinyMCE editors

In your RSS feed, such code will render as:

ed2k: eMule0.50a-Installer.exe
ed2k: emule0.49c-Xtreme7.2.7z
ed2k: Firefox_15.0_win32_en-US.exe

Advanced Usage


You may find “eD2k Link Selector” options in your “Settings” menu:

Options page

Click the “[?]” to see the description for each item.

Pages it applys to

By default, [ed2k][/ed2k] shortcode tags in content from a single post or a page will be converted to the table, while home, feed, category, archive pages and excerpt from a post or a page use the simple anchor links. However it can be changed by Options or by attributes of the shortcode tags (see below).


You may use the SHIFT key to toggle multiple checkboxes.

Name Filter helps you select files by their names or extensions. Case insensitive.

Symbols Usage:

AND: space( ), +;
NOT: -;
OR: |;
Escape: pair of quote marks("");
Match the start: ^;
Match the end: $.

emule|0.50a -exe to select names that contain “eMule” and “0.50a” but not contain “exe”;
^emule 0.50a$ to select names started with “eMule” and end with “0.50a”;
"emule 0.50a" with quote marks to match exactly a “eMule 0.50a”, and not “eMule fake 0.50a”.

Click the “[?]” on the selector table to see help information.

Shortcode Attributes

Available attributes for [ed2k][/ed2k] and [emule][/ed2k] (used as: [ed2k attr1=value1 attr2=value2]...[/ed2k]):

Attribute Description Valid Values Default Value (may be changed by Options)
head (For the “Table” format)
The title.
[Text] eD2k Links (if you blog in English)
stat (For the “Table” format)
Whether to use stat button, and which stat site.
[Stat site URL prefix];
false: Disabled
https://ed2k.shortypower.org/?hash= (Shortypower’s eD2k Stats)
name (For the “Table” format)
Whether to use name filter.
auto: Auto.
Disable if only one link, enable if multiple links;
true: Enabled;
false: Disabled
size (For the “Table” format)
Whether to use size filter.
auto: Auto.
Disable if only one link, enable if multiple links;
true: Enabled;
false: Disabled
collection (For the “Table” format)
Whether to show emulecollection button.
true: Enabled;
false: Disabled
width (For the “Table” format) Width of the table. [Width, in %, px, pt or em] 100%
font-size (For the “Table” format) Font size of the table. [Font size, in %, px, pt or em] 13px
buttonstyle (For the “Table” format) Style of buttons. 0: text only;
1: image and text;
'Image and text' style of buttons
2: image only
format Which format to use for content on single post and page. 1: Selector table;
2: Simple anchor links
forall Whether to apply on non-singular pages (pages which are not single posts or pages. Like front page and category pages). true: Yes;
false: No


[ed2k head='Feel Free to Download These eD2k Links!' size=false]

Custom Style

ed2kls.css file is used as the default style. If a file named “ed2kls.css” is detected in your current theme folder, this ed2kls.css will be used as your customized style.


The plugin is available in:

  • English (en_US)
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文 zh_CN)
  • Traditional Chinese (繁體中文 zh_TW)
  • French (Français fr_FR)


  • 2.0.0 (2019-11-22)
    • Remove ZeroClipboard (flash clipboard library) and use execCommand() (IE9+)
    • eMule Collection download uses JS instead of PHP (IE10+)
    • (Other parts should still support IE6+)
    • Code cleaning (but not rewriting)
    • Small CSS fix
  • 1.2.0 (2012-09-06)
    • Fix the broken eD2k Quicktag button in HTML editor in WordPress 3.3+ (meanwhile WP2.5-3.2 are still supported)
    • New lines for extremely long non-break file names; thead element changed to caption
    • Fix hide/show button in IE8-
    • Update ZeroClipboard to v1.0.8
    • Fix ZeroClipboard flash relative position (add .el-s-button-container)
    • Fix a possible conflict of ZeroClipboard
    • Use flash ZeroClipboard rather than clipboardData in all IEs, unless flash cannot be loaded
    • JS file now compressed with Google Closure Compiler Simple; CSS compressed with YUI
    • English instruction
    • (If you are not using our default CSS file, you need to make some change to your customized CSS file. Please add “.el-s-button-container{position:relative;}” and fix styles for caption (used to be thead), see SVN diff of ed2k.dev.css)
  • 1.1.7 (2010-10-08)
    • Compatible up to WordPress 3
    • Small fix
  • 1.1.6 (2010-05-28)
    • Fix database update problem
    • Use in comment
    • Auto detect ed2k links in complex text
    • Fix format option bug
    • Add button style option
  • 1.1.5 (2010-04-14)
    • Add Options page
    • Fix conflicts with wp-print plugin
    • Optimize HTML and JavaScript
    • Add width and font size options
    • Prevent from browsing the directory
  • 1.1.2 (2010-04-02)
    • Add eMuleCollection
    • Optimize JavaScript code and fix some bugs
  • 1.1.1 (2010-03-25)
    • Avoid JavaScript conflicts
  • 1.1.0 (2010-03-20)
    • Add buttons to Visual editor (TinyMCE) and HTML editor (Quicktags)
    • Fix JavaScript i18n bug
    • Allow to check multiple file extension checkboxs
  • 1.0.0 (2010-03-19)
    • Initial release

Other Implementations

You may find PHP class, Discuz! and phpwind plugin of eD2k Link Selector in the Google Code ed2k-link-selector project. They are all based on the WordPress plugin.


All the PHP, JavaScript, CSS and other files of “eD2k Link Selector” by Tom Chen (tomchen.org at gmail.com) are licensed under GNU GPL v2 or later version.

The author does not assume any responsibility or liability in connection with ed2k links that you post on your blog.




您可以使用eMule或eMule Mod(参见eMuleFans.com的Mod页emule-mods.de的Mod页)(Windows)、aMule(Win、Linux、Mac)等软件下载eD2k链接。可以参考这里的修复、关联eD2k协议链接方法
查看eD2k Link Selector WordPress 插件主页(中文)或WordPress.org插件页(国际)可以下载此插件或联系作者。
和:空格( )、+
选中所有名称中包含有“eMule”或“0.49c”字眼,但不包含有“exe”字眼的:emule|0.49c -exe
选中所有名称的开头是“eMule”,结尾是“0.49c”的:^emule 0.49c$
选中所有名称中带有“eMule 0.49c”的(必须是“eMule 0.49c”,中间没有别的字符,不能是“eMule fake 0.49c”),需要转义:"emule 0.49c"