eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 Stulle 源碼編譯版(使用SSE2指令集)


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eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 by Stulle



文件: eMule.exe
大小: 6320128 位元組
文件版本: 0.49.2 Unicode
修改時間: 2009年11月20日, 19:30:18
MD5: 1FC6E6F0CCF660226F9997B25D3F1420
SHA1: 766B6F4FC1B8CE928B54565F09627C19DDA67F24
CRC32: 0F76577B

Hey guys,

it has been a while since I posted my 7.0 sources but now I present youthe 7.2 sources. Just like the last code package I posted is this notjust another edit of zz_fly’s code. In fact, more changes were made inthis particular version and I can very well imagine that thedifferences will get bigger with the time. Anyhow, these are thesources that will be the basis for my upcoming ScarAngel/Mephisto mod.You may use these for own development. However, I ask you not todistribute these sources too much – if you do it at all – and moreimportantly, don’t distribute ANY binaries based on these sources. Thisis only for development, not for usage!
When you use this code, pay proper respect!

Xtreme 7.2
* this version is modded by Stulle
– updated to 0.49c codebase
– improved: simply unsharing single shared files instead of excluding them
– improved: greatly simplified remove unused AICH-hashes code while keeping original idea
– fixed: official problem with downloading from webserver
– fixed: Don’t reset Connection Settings for Webserver/CML/MM (Stulle)
partially updated to 7.2 by zz_fly:
– change: switch to official UPnP lib
– add: support Ctrl+C and Delete handling in downloaded history list (Stulle)
Copy ed2k links into clipboard using Ctrl+C and Delete files on hitting the del key.
– add: support dynamic ip servers in server list (DolphinX)
– improved: reduce the memory usage of Client Credits (DolphinX, Enig123)
– improved: optimized Xman’s extened credit-table-arragement (Enig123)
– improved: better .part.met file backup and recovery (Enig123)
– improved: do not compress .mkv\.mp4 and .7z files
– fixed: fix crash in downloading sources handling (Enig123)
– fixed: fix possible overflow in processing of upload queue and download queue
– fixed: fix crash at shutdown (MorphXT)
– fixed: fix cat assign (Avi3k)
– fixed: memleak when serverconnection fail (DolphinX)
– fixed: memleak in statistics dialog (DolphinX)
– fixed: minor issue in case of shutdown while still hashing (WiZaRd)
– fixed: minor issue with friends handling (WiZaRd)
– fixed: minor code fix and improvement by DolphinX
– fixed: fix possible crash in uploading clients handling (thanks Enig123)
this fix removed from FINAL build, test some more time.
– restore: Xman’s improved socket closing
Althought it use more memory(10~20MB), but it is necessary to some kind of user.


Regards, Stulle

PS: Please do not start spreading this widely as there already is zz_fly’s version and this is src-only!



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